Monday, April 17, 2006

Preparations - Part 7

I am on first name terms with the folks at the local council dump as we shed all those items that are either worthless or have not been pulled out of drawers or cupboards for the last year.

It is amazing how much junk is accumulated and how much of your possessions are really meaningful. The shed has rows of tins of solidified paint that were used by our predecessors and the old off-cuts of wood that “may come in handy” have now been trashed.

We have less than two weeks to go before we must vacate the house and things are looking a bit tight. There is still a lot to move and we must redecorate the lounge and dining room. A trip to my parents to offload another car load of boxes is due today.

The boat is pretty much ready except that the wind-gen and the solar panel are not yet fitted. This should only take a day so I am not too worried.

Photo of Roger finishing the cleaning and polishing of the welds on the new rear superstructure. A great job that will look even better once the fittings have been attached.

Relaxing in our newly unfurnished living-room.